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Wedding Day Contract 

Bride's First Name:

Mei Lanie

Phone Number:

(850) 943-9111

Bride's Last Name:

Acevedo Tsai

Bride's Married Name:

Mei Lanie Bilbow


Emergency Contact:


Wedding Date:

February 3, 2024

Hair/Makeup Start Time:

Hair/Makeup Completion Time:

Wedding Location Type(Residence, Venue, etc.)

Venue (Camp Retreat)

Service Location Address:

5493 FL-4, Baker, FL

Service Location City:

Service Location Zip Code:

Baker, FL


Bride's Services (Hair, Makeup or Both):


Total Hair Services (NOT Including Bride)

Approx. 3-4

Staying for Touch Ups? (Yes or NO)


Total Makeup Services (NOT Including Bride)

Approx. 6

If Yes, How Many Hours?


Bridal Shop Name:


Jillian Higgins

Coordinator's Name:

Florist Name:

Photographer's Name:


Bryce Stewart

Other Hair:   

Bridal Total Amount Due:

Other Makeup:

Touch Up Hours:

Approx. 3-4

Travel Fees:

Approx. 6


Total Amount Due:


Please kindly review Karlatina B+F Bridal Agreement Terms and Conditions before signing.


By filling in your information in the form below, you are agreeing to the terms outlined above in this contract. You have 48 hours from the date the contract was completed to change or cancel any services. 

Once the contract is submitted, we will email you a copy as well as a link to pay for services. 

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