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Mobile Wedding Hair and makeup artist


Boho Hair Stylist & Natural Makeup Specialist 


On Site Wedding Boho Hair Stylist and  Natural Makeup  Artist in Destin, Pensacola and the Emerald Coast Area

Hair for the Beach, Boho & Romantic Bride

Dreamy, Effortless, Romantic,Whimsical and Long Lasting Bridal Styles.


Airbrush Makeup for the Natural Bride

Effortless, Glowy, Natural, Youthful and Timeless Makeup Looks.


 If you're looking for something along those lines we'll be a great match! 

If you're looking for glamour hair styling I would not be the best fit for you.

Mobile Boho Hair Stylist  Natural Makeup Artist  Karlatina  Destin  Pensacola
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